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News article about the recent impeachment process against president Kuczynski



2017-12-17 01:20:25 來源: 北青網-北京青年報(北京)


News article about the recent impeachment process against president Kuczynski. Legislators in Peru have begun impeachment proceedings against Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, who is accused of failing to disclose decade-old payments from the Brazilian construction firm Odebrecht, which has been embroiled in Latin America’s biggest corruption scandal.

Representatives of most political parties agreed on Friday to initiate proceedings to force out the president, who has denied any wrongdoing and rejected calls to stand down.

Kuczynski, 79, is the latest high-ranking politician to be caught up in the wide-ranging scandal, a vast web of political and corporate corruption which began in Brazil and has spread across 12 countries in Latin America. Odebrecht admitted paying some $800m in bribes across the region in 2016 plea bargain with the US justice department.


The opposition is using an article of Peru’s constitution that allows Congress to force out the president if they declare him “permanently morally incapable.”  The motion needs 87 votes to pass. The ouster takes effect as soon as Congress informs the president or the cabinet chief.




The Alliance sent letter to current President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski of Peru, regarding his recent impeachment for “permanent moral incapacity”, to show support for him to continue his presidency in Peru, similar to us supporting the Brazil President. The Alliance is hoping to establish friendly relationship with him and would launch plans together with Peru government to boost tourism and business.


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