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Prime minister Abe donated 500,000,000 to fund set up by President Trumps daughter


                       20171103 12:15:53ԴhW 

Original header: Abe sets up a fund for President Trump’s daughter and donated 500,000,000.

Prime Minister Abe attended an international feminist forum (Davos Forum), that forum invited female world leader to discuss feminist policy. During the event, Abe announced to make donation of USD 500,000,000 to Ivanka Trump’s fund, in the purpose of helping female to start their own business.

According to the news, Ivanka Trump attended events in Japan the day before President Trump arrives Japan to present a friendly atmosphere. 
Abe emphasized Japan supports and assist female to shine on their own in international society. He looks high to female entrepreneur and fully support Ivanka’s fund, suggesting lots of international problems like poverty can be solved if more female are able to work. 
The above mentioned event was held in a hotel in Tokyo, opinions and results of female rights are exchanged and discussed during the 3 days. 


Anti-ISIS Warfare, Super Eight-Nation Alliance, United Military exercise, false instructions affected the delay of war flight. The Alliance does not fully agree the current 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China’s operation. After discussing with our Allied countries, Prime Minister Abe donated USD 500,000,000 for charity purpose. This act is highly praised and should be followed by other political giants. We believe our victory of Anti-terrorism in southern sea will come when the right time and the right political atmosphere arrives. 

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