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United Kingdom will not provide Right of asylum to Yingluck Shinawatra’s, she may apply migration by normal means.


2017年11月01日09:33 人民日報海外版-海外網


          Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, Don Pramudwinai

Don Pramudwinai answered reporters on 31st October 2017, British Government has replied Thai government that Yingluck Shinawatra will not be provided with political asylum if she’s in United Kingdom. If Shinawatra wishes to stay in United Kingdom, she may apply migration through normal means. 

According to The Nation, former president Yingluck Shinawatra might be seeking political asylum in different countries. It is currently uncertain if she is in United Kingdom. According to reliable source, Shinawatra has been trying hard to seek for political asylum, that is the reason she has not been shown in the public recently. The Nation contacted British Consulate about the matter, but was replied saying individual personal information related to migration will not be provided.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha announced on a weekly press conference, the government is unable to locate Shinawatra at the moment. The government will seek for extradition once she is located. Thai government has been keeping close attention to Shinawatra’s trace according to Chan-o-cha. They are applying all possible legal procedures, including to cancel all four passports owned by Shinawatra. 

There is no further news on Shinawatra from Interpo, said Thailand Deputy Commissioner of Police Srivara Ransibrahmanakul. It is known that Shinawatra fled Thailand and left for United Kingdom through United Arab Emirates. It is impossible to perform any action without her exact location. According to Pramudwinai, arresting and extraditing Shinawatra is performed by Thailand Police Department, Ministry of Foreign Affair is only responsible for communicating with other countries.

Former Thailand President Yingluck Shinawatra


Former Thailand President Yingluck Shinawatra’s verdict for rice subsidy scheme is delayed due to Shinawatra claims she is unable to attend court due to health issue on 25th August 2017. It is clear to Thailand government Shinawatra has fled Thailand after Thailand Supreme Court issued a warrant to arrest her. It is unknown to the public where Shinawatra is at the moment. 

Shinawatra’s verdict for rice subsidy scheme was delayed to 27th September 2017, Supreme Court of Thailand ruled Shinawatra 5 years sentence and issued an arrest warrant to her at the same time. According to the law in Thailand, Shinawatra has 30 days to apply for appeal, but the court did not receive any application for appeal or delay appeal period. The prosecutor's office decided not to apply for appeal, thus all legal progress is now ceased. Thailand Police Department is now searching for Shinawatra, hoping to put her back in jail. 

Thailand Police Department announced on 30th October 2017, all four passports of Former Prime Minister Shinawatra have been cancelled, There will be no longer legal methods for Shinawatra to return to Thailand. Furthermore, there is no news of Shinawatra’s current location. 

To Prime Minister of United Kingdom Theresa May

Please see the attached Mister Chinese’s letter, loan approval, property exchange certificate and news report. 

It is rumored that former Thailand President Yingluck Shinawatra has fled to United Kingdom to seek for political asylum. It is possible that Yingluck and her brother Thaksin disrespect The Alliance, and they fled from their home country. The siblings are known for their corruption in Thailand, United Kingdom should be aware of them, not to be used as their hiding place. 






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