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Transforming the Alliance into an United Nations-like organization


We are having a new initiative of transforming the Alliance into an organization with functions similar to the United Nations, for further facilitating international cooperation. We will continue to focus our work on the core values of the Alliance which are economic development, humanitarian assistance and the promotion of world peace. We understand that the world is ever-changing, and that changes need to be made in order to create a better world. One of the missions of this organization is to help different countries to seek the fair share in the international community. This is similar to the recent formation of the Asian infrastructure bank by China and 20 other countries which will help finance the region’s US$800 billion annual needs, and countering the clout of World Bank and Asian Development Bank which might not be able to fulfill the financial needs of most of the Asian countries.

This organization will have similar structure with the United Nations. It will have more number of Security Council member states.  Preliminarily, we propose to have 10 permanent Security Council members, 10 deputy permanent Security Council members and 20 non-permanent Security Council members, in which more countries can have their voice heard. We are confident that we will get the support and recognition from most of the countries for the establishment of this organization, which will be competing in a good way with the United Nations for better serve the people of our world.   

This initiative was being highly appreciated by diplomatic envoys of different countries during our last Beijing delegation trip in Oct 2014, as this could give the countries another option for membership in an organization similar to the United Nations, for facilitating international cooperation and striving for their share in the international arena. We would offer sponsorship to third-world countries and some small countries for their membership fees of joining this organization. Furthermore, any profits made in the economic development projects of the Alliance will be allocated to the member countries of this organization.    

We have sent invitations to France, Russia, United Kingdom and the United States to become the permanent Security Council members of our newly structured Alliance; and we are in the process of sending out invitations to different countries in the world for membership of this organization. 

The Alliance wholeheartedly commits itself in promoting world peace through economic development and humanity work and with our soft power. We do not have military force, and we are not competing with any countries for resources or land.  We would devote ourselves in helping different countries with our strong diplomatic network of close to 120 countries, as we expected the number of countries in our international cooperative network would reach to 120 by the end of 2014.  Furthermore, we are now realizing our dream of working on the path similar to the United Nations as we previously mentioned, by transforming the Alliance into this organization with similar functions and structure of the United Nations. 


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