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 Mr. Mosae Phatsoa
 I come from Lesotho, Southern Africa. I am a second- year student studying Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree which is also inclusive of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Liaoning Medical University. My University is located in Jinzhou, a coastal city in Liaoning Province. It is one of the only 50 Medical schools allowed to teach MBBS in English by the Ministry of Education of P.R.C.  My study duration takes 6 years, 5 years of study in China and 1 year of internship in my country. I am now only left with 4 years of study of which 3 years I will be in China and the remaining year I will be practicing in a hospital in my country.

With this type of degree, I will be able to consult sick people, diagnose diseases, come up with treatment plans, and perform surgeries where necessary all these to cure deformities and promote healing. My main aim is to promote good health and effective participation in reducing rate of diseases.
Ms. Moliehi Jeanett Ntsenyi
I am a young woman from Lesotho. Becoming a medical doctor has always been my heart’s desire.  Growing up I noticed how whenever I go to the clinic or hospital, more often than not the doctors there were not native Basotho. This observation opened my eyes to the realization that there is a serious scarcity of doctors in my beloved country. I therefore decided that I was going to actively act on my passion and pursue a degree in medicine so that my lifelong dream would be fulfilled. This would simultaneously address the aforementioned problem of lack of doctors.

Currently I am a second year student pursuing Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree at Dalian Medical University in People’s Republic of China. It is a 6 year undergraduate degree that offers basic training in Medical and Surgical disciplines. 

My plan is to go back to Lesotho after completing my studies to increase the available manpower and reduce the patient doctor ratio. This will help to lessen the financial burden on my government for bringing in foreign doctors.
H.E. Mrs. Lebohang Ntsinyi, Ambassador of Lesotho to P.R.C. has sent us a letter, to convey appreciation to the Alliance and our Executive Chairman, Mr. Sunny Wong, on behalf of her government and Embassy, for the scholarship granted to the two students from Lesotho as recommended by the Embassy.   

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