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Association of First Ladies and Respectful Ladies newly established by the Alliance





A lot of women’s rights are being violated and exploited in this world. Women and young girls do not get the respect they deserve, as evidenced by the serious rape incidents happened in India.  The Alliance hopes to upgrade the social status and enhance the dignity of women by inviting the First Ladies and the respectful ladies of different countries to join hands with us in promoting the benefits of women and the underprivileged in this world.  We strongly believe that the unity of those influential ladies can bring significant good changes to this world with their soft power. This First Ladies Association is unprecedentedly established and it is a unique entity which will work on the Alliance’s vision of promoting world peace through charities and humanitarian aid.

Apart from our proposed donation of US$ 1 million for charity to each of the First Ladies/respectful ladies of the eight leading countries, namely France, Germany, India, Italy, People’s Republic of China, Russia, United Kingdom and United States, for their participation of the Association, a funding of US$ 100,000 each will be offered to other countries if the First Lady / Respectful Lady would join the Association.  We will accept about 100 countries on the first year establishment of the Association. Furthermore, the Alliance has proposed to donate US$500,000 each to the First Ladies of the Australian, Italian, Israeli, Japanese, Malaysian Prime Ministers and the First Lady of Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un of DPR Korea for charitable purposes, and invite them to join the First Ladies Association.

Together with the well-established enterprises, corporations and international brands all over the world, we would organize a series of fundraising event every year to finance our charitable projects. Those corporations could promote their products with their donation for charities in the areas of education, health care, environment etc.  All the First Ladies/Respectful Ladies from different countries will be invited to attend this event.  This will undoubtedly be a valuable networking opportunity where the First Ladies/Respectful Ladies from different countries can meet with one another and have exchanges and dialogues on potential cooperation in bringing in more charities to their own countries. It would also facilitate exchanges between the First Ladies and the entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world, for introducing investment and bringing in charities to their countries, such as sponsorship on different types of merchandizes for the underprivileged.   We are confident that this will be a successful event which will raise a substantial amount of funding for our charitable projects, and helping those in need.    In addition, more funding could be generated from this annual fundraising event series, for the First Ladies/Respectful Ladies to do charities in their own countries each year. 

During the past few months, we have received very positive feedbacks and towering responses from different countries, including big and small countries, regarding this First Ladies Association. We have been having communications with the First Ladies and Respectful Ladies from different parts of the world who have shown interest in joining us. We look forward to joining hands with all of them in enhancing women’s status and striving for the welfare of the underprivileged. 


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