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Scholarship Programme-“International Dreams Come True Scholarship”  







The International Boundless Fellow Alliance of Economic Development and Aid (hereafter the “Alliance”) has a strong belief that education is of crucial importance for the future of the world, as well as helping to fight against poverty. It has a vision to enhance the education and living standards of the population in the developing countries through providing education assistance to them. We have been putting this as the top priority among our various proposals and projects in the collaborations with our cooperative countries. 
Hence, the Alliance has established a scholarship program to offer financial support for students who are in need. Financial assistance will be provided to those students in our cooperative countries who want to pursue overseas studies. We aim at supporting the growth of the developing economy and hence, helping the underprivileged to get rid from poverty and uplift their living standards though this way.   


We welcome and accept applications for this Scholarship programme from all eligible students in our cooperative countries who meet the application requirements as listed in the below Guidelines. Applicants must submit their applications to the Alliance through their own countries’ embassies in Beijing, PRC. Interested parties please refer to the below Guidelines which outline the details of the programme and the application procedure. 




The scholarship is open to students who will start or who are currently pursuing, undergraduate or postgraduate degree in overseas’ universities with outstanding academic performance and proven financial difficulties. Application is open to those who have obtained at least an average result of 80% or equivalent in prior studies, while the result of each subject should not be lower than 70% or equivalent. The applicant has to be admitted by an overseas’ university, or has already enrolled in an overseas’ university before he/she is eligible to submit the application. The Alliance is not responsible for finding universities/suitable academic programmes for the applicant. Applicant must meet all applicable eligibility requirements, any criteria cannot be meet will not be considered. Applicants must complete the application procedure 60 days before first day of academic years.


Rights and Responsibility of Scholars

Scholars are responsible for observing the country of studies laws and regulations, satisfactory academic and professional standards and for maintaining a standard of conduct and integrity in the line of the spirit of the Alliance. The Scholarship only covers University tuition fees. Any late fee incurred before or during application will solely be responsible by scholars.

Scholars are personally and financially responsible for making all arrangements for their passport, visa, accommodation and etc. 

Scholars are required to meet all attendance obligations and requirements of the institution. The Alliance will request reports and other information from the scholar and the University concerning the scholar’s academic performance.


Selection Criterion

The Applicant must meet all following criterion to be eligible for the Scholarship

- Must be a full-time student

- Must not be receiving any other major scholarship or awards

- Must not be a final year student

- Must not be an exchange student

- Must not have obtained a degree or above from overseas university 

- Only one family member can apply for the scholarship. Another member in the same family will be able to apply only after the graduation of the first applicant.

- Scholarships awarded must be used for and during the academic year following the successful application


Required Documentations


Applicants must submit the following documents for the application:

- Application form duly filled, signed by Applicant and endorsed from his/her country’s embassy in Beijing

- Personal Statement

- Passport copy with / without valid visa

- Student ID copy

- Recent photo (must be taken within the past six months)

- Offer letter/ official admission documents and Enrollment letter from the University which prove that the applicant is already accepted by the University or has been enrolling in the University

- Official transcripts from school or university, showing achievement of an average of 80% across current and previous academic year (at least for the past2 years of studies)

- Tuition fee invoice

- Official documents from the applicant’s country government welfare department proving the applicant’s family financial situation

- Recommendation letter from his country’s embassy in Beijing

- Other certificates, awards or recommendation letters are highly preferred, but not necessary



Applicant must fill in the application form and submit it with the required documents to his/her country’s embassy in Beijing. The application will only be processed after all relevant documentations and information are received by the Alliance. Final result will be notified within 60 days after receipt of the application and all supporting documents. 


Scholarship Renewal Requirements

Scholarship is renewable for up to four years or until scholar receives his/her bachelor’s degree (whichever comes first). Interested applicants must have achieved an average result of 80% or equivalent in prior studies, while the result of each subject should not be lower than 70% or equivalent at the end of semester. In certain circumstances, updated documentations will need to be provided for reassessment. 


Termination Criterion

Scholarship may be terminated in the following circumstances, whichever comes first:

- Failure to meet the above-mentioned selection criterion.

- Unsatisfactory academic performance at the end of academic year.

- Withdrawal of class after enrollment.

- Applicant accepted another equivalent award, scholarship or salary to undertake the course.

- Upon the death, incapacity, resignation or withdrawal of the student from the university

- After the inquiry from the university that student has not complied with the conditions as set out in this document.




1. Scholarship application must be submitted every year.

2. For all recipients, the Scholarship does not cover visa application costs, overseas student health insurance, air fares, accommodation, transportation costs, excursions, textbooks or reference books, conferences or any other miscellaneous costs the student may incur in pursuing his/her course such as late charges for tuition fee, etc; or in travelling to or from the overseas university which he/she is studying. 

3. Tuition fee for the scholarship awarded will be directly paid to the university per semester or per academic year subject to the payment method of the university. It is the responsibility of the scholarship awardees to send the tuition fee advice to the Alliance in advance for payment to the Universities, and within a reasonable time frame for the Alliance to process the remittance. The Alliance assumes No responsibility in bearing any late charges and/or any other extra costs as incurred in the payment for tuition fees.  

4. The copy of tuition fee invoice will be sent to the Embassy for reference.

5. In considering applications, in addition to the eligibility and selection criterion, the Alliance may give consideration to other criteria, such as the diversity of the countries/regions of applicants and the courses in which they are enrolled in. The final decision on the application is subject to the decision from the selection committee of the Alliance.

6. By applying for the Scholarship, the Applicant accepts all these terms and conditions as stated above; and he/she also hereby accepts and agrees to provide personal data and information (including general personal and academic information and photos) to be used by the Alliance in its publications and website.

Interested parties please send an email to the Alliance via , should they wish to obtain further information for the scholarship programme. 





1. All the terms and conditions as stated in the above Guidelines are subject to changes from time to time and without advance notice.  



2. The Alliance has the sole discretion to the award of the scholarship, and we reserve the right that the final decision for all application results rests with the Alliance. 



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